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Condenser Protection Kit

Coil Protection Kit is a do-it- yourself kit (developed) for the protection against corrosion of the condensing unit of your air-conditioning system. Salts and other air pollutants attack vulnerable metals in condensers and result in early replacement and capacity loss. With the Coil Protection Kit you can prevent this quick and easy.

The kit can be used on small, new (residential) heat exchangers. Per kit a surface of 0,75m 2 (8,07ft 2 ) can be treated. The maximum thickness of the heat exchanger to be treated is 5cm (2inch). The kit consists of the cleaning agent C-Clean and preservative C-Blue, both in aerosol form. Masking tape, protective gloves and a dust mask to aid the applicator with the treatment are also provided in the Coil Protection Kit.

Coil Protection Kit


anti-corrosion treatment for
small condenser surfaces

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A universal degreasing agent based on acetone and isopropanol with a fast and powerful effect. C- Clean dissolves grease, oil, dirt, soot, etc., and is suitable for all metals and most synthetics. C-Clean in aerosol is easy to apply, the applied product absorbs the impurities from the soiled surface and evaporates rapidly.


  • Strong degreaser in aerosol form
  • Colorless
  • Free of chlorinated solvents


A blue colored preservative developed for the prevention of corrosion on heat exchangers. C-Blue is a wax-based product with added polymers that makes the film layer feel dry and ensures long lasting elasticity and flexibility of the coating. C-Blue in aerosol is easy to apply, provides excellent protection and the applied protective layer is easy to maintain. The use of the special design spray nozzle results in full coverage of condensers fins with C-blue coating.


  • Wax based coating with blue pigmentation in aerosol form
  • Special spray nozzle for coating penetration
  • Excellent adhesion on a variety of surfaces
  • High flexibility & elasticity


The accessories for the coil protection kit are:

  • A mask
  • Gloves
  • Tape

Recommended to use these when applying any of the C-Clean or C-Blue on to your coil.